PRIYAA RTX 3030 - 2 Part Boom

Priyaa RTX 30 Tonne Pick & Carry Hydraulic Mobile Crane

Priyaa is the name for quality, dedication & advanced design features. The high potential of priyaa has made it what it is today. Venturing into new horizons, the price is still competitive and highly reasonable. We name it, you will vouch the reliablity

Constant Improvement In egineering and design make it necessary that Yagyapriyaa reserves the right to make specification changes without notice.

Information Contained in this brochure is only of general nature. Weights and capacities are approximate

30 Tonne @ 3m Clear Out Reach

First Time In India 30 Tonne Pick & Carry Crane

Maximum Height Of Lift 9.1 mtrs @ 24 Tonne Lifting Capacity

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Reach In Metres 2 Part Boom Length
Main Boom
5.5 MTRS
EXTN - 2 (2.5 Mtrs)
8.0 MTRS
Lifting Capacity In KGS Height Of Lift In MTRS Lifting Capacity In KGS Height Of Lift In MTRS
2.0 30,000 7.0
2.5 30,000 6.0
3.0 30,000 5.8 24,000 9.1
3.5 26,000 5.0 20,500 8.7
4.0 22,500 4.2 18,000 8.4
4.5 20,000 4.0 16,000 7.9
5.0 14,200 7.4
5.5 13,000 6.9
6.0 12,000 5.8
6.5 11,000 4.6
7.0 10,200 3.2

Specifications Priyaa RTX 3030 - 30 Tonne 2 Part Boom
Engine E 683 TCI CV 111 - Eicher make custom built turbo charged inter cooled 4 stroke in line 6 cylinder
Fuel High Speed Diesel
Rated Engine BHP 101 KW @ 2200±50RPM
Max. Torque 550±20Nm @ 1600 RPM
No. Of Cylinders Six
Bore & Stroke 100mm x 105mm
Air Cleaner Dry Type Paper Element
Type Dry Type Single Disc
Outside Diameter 361
Friction Area 1632 cm²
Electrical System
Type 12 V Negative Earth
Type Eicher TM 732 Model Synchromesh Gearbox
Speed Six Forward & One Reverse
Air Compressor
Reciprocating Positive Displacement coupled to Engine timing Gear Directly 0.15 M3/Min.@ 2000 RPM
Front & Rear Air Operated Brakes On Both Front & Rear With Fall Fall Safe Parking Brake On All Wheels
Front Heavy Duty Fabricated Box Section
Rear Twin Oscillating Heavy Duty Hypoid Gears Fully Floating Axel Shaft
Suspension System
Six Direction self-aligned on rear axle
Front 2080 mm
Rear 2420 mm
Front 1400x25, 20 Ply - 4 Nos
Rear 1400x25, 20 Ply - 2 Nos
Type Hydrostatic Steering
Articulation 34° Either Side
Turning Radius 19 Mtrs. On Inner Wheels
Hydraulic System
Main Pump Tandem Delivery Vane Type Pump
Main Delivery 105 Ltrs/Min
Auxiliary Delivery 35 Ltrs/Min Driven by engine crank pulley
Main Relief Valve 180Kg/cm2
Hydraulic Filter 25 Microns return line 125 Ltrs/min.
Boom Lift Cylinder Two Double Acting 180 mm Bore 130 mm Dia Piston 1300 mm Stroke
Steering Two Double Acting 100 mm Bore 70 mm Dia Piston Rod, 600 mm Stroke
Boom Extension Two Hydraulically Operated Cylinder
Single Stage 125 mm Bore, 90mm Dia Piston Rod 3000 mm Stroke
Safety System pressure relief Lock check valve for lift cylinders
Hoist Mechanism
Standard Planetary gear reduction gear box, Intervene Motor, Hydraulic fail safe brake.
Hoist System Eight falls, hydraulic winch (4 ton line pull). powered by motor and planetary reduction gear box spring held, hydraulically released breaker rope size 16mm dia steel core.
Operating Timings (Without Load At Eight Falls
Steering 10 Sec. (Lock To Lock)
Boom Raising 23 Sec.
Boom Lowering 18 Sec.
Telescope Out / In 11 Sec/7 Sec (Single Stage)
Hoist Line Speed 37.5 Mtrs/Min Hoist Travel
Refill Capacity
Fuel Tank 200 ltrs.
Hydraulic Tank 200 Ltrs.
Engine Oil 14 Ltrs.
Transmission Oil 10 Ltrs.
Rear Axle Hub 2 Ltrs.
Differential oil 15 Ltrs.
Reduction Gear Box Oil 2 Ltrs.
Max. Speed 25 km/hr
Front Axle Load 10,200 Kgs
Rear Axle Load 10,200 Kgs
Rear Axle Load 10,200 Kgs
Total 30,600 Kgs
Overall Length 11,500mm Boom Retracted
Overall Width 3,000 mm
Overall Height 3,450 mm
Over Load Warning Device.
Air Conditioned Cabin
Fly Jib
Tyre Inflator
Recovery winch
Front Stabilizer

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